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Why Use VPS Hosting?

BDSwiss’ VPS service uses an external server to ensure your platform keeps running 24 hours a day, allowing your strategies to be executed even when you are offline.

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Windows 2012 R2


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BDSwiss VPS plans are only available to clients with funded accounts
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  • There is a problem with my VPS, but I don’t know what to do?

    If you experience any unforeseen problems with your VPS, please contact our Customer Support department via Live Chat or email at [email protected].
  • Can I change the card for recurring payments?

    Yes, you can change the card used for recurring payments at any time. To do so, simply log in to your Dashboard and navigate to the VPS section. On the Plan page, select the Change Payment Method and enter your new card details. Please note that if the payment is denied on 3 consecutive occasions, the VPS will be cancelled automatically.
  • How do I upgrade/downgrade my VPS?

    Once done, the ‘Terminate’ option will become available (if the billing cycle is still valid), and by selecting the ‘Terminate’ option, the ‘Activate’ button will appear, allowing the users to select a new subscription plan. If the billing cycle has been completed, then the ‘Activate’ button will become available. To upgrade their VPS, users are advised to back up the files used in the current VPS plan, and then cancel the subscription from the Dashboard by selecting the ‘Cancel’ button.
  • Can a VPS subscription be cancelled at any time?

    Clients can cancel their VPS subscription at any time, however, the VPS will remain available for use until the end of the current billing cycle.
  • What happens when I want to cancel my VPS?

    Users can cancel their VPS subscription from the Dashboard. In the Plan tab of the VPS section, the chosen plan will be highlighted with an associated ‘Cancel’ button. Clicking ‘Cancel’ will bring up a pop-up confirming the VPS will be lost by the end of the billing cycle. Please note, there is no option to reactivate the subscription, but users can subscribe to a new plan after the end of the current billing cycle. Clicking the ‘Proceed’ button will finalize the process and cancel the VPS subscription. Important Note: Cancellation does not take immediate effect so clients have the ability to take appropriate action before their Expert Advisor(s) stops working. Clients should be aware that they could potentially have open positions/pending orders remaining in the market. If canceling the VPS service, clients should ensure they are fully aware of all pending/open orders on their account as a result of their cancellation, to avoid unintended market exposure.
  • What happens when I want to stop my VPS?

    Users can deactivate their VPS via their Dashboard. Clicking the ‘Stop’ button on the VPS details page will generate a confirmation pop-up. Clicking ‘Proceed’ will confirm the action and the VPS will be stopped on the server.
  • What are the differences among the VPS plans?

    BDSwiss is offering three different VPS subscription plans: The more vCPU (power that the virtual server has), the more powerful the machine is to sustain your trading needs. Storage refers to the number of files that can be saved on the virtual computer. Bigger storage means more files! RAM - a higher RAM allocation provides more spare capacity and allows the user’s computer to process multiple actions simultaneously.
  • How is a new VPS issued?

    In the VPS section of the Dashboard, clients are able to choose their preferred subscription plan, as provided by our third-party partner. The options are VPS Basic, VPS Advanced and VPS Pro. The three plans differ in the vCPU (virtual server machine power, storage space and Random-access Memory (RAM) – the capacity to conduct multiple processes simultaneously. By clicking on the ‘Activate’ button a confirmation pop-up will appear for the client to confirm the successful activation of the VPS service. Clicking the ‘Proceed’ button will bring up a new window requiring the client to provide their credit/debit card information, including:
    • Cardholder name
    • Address
    • Postal Code
    • Card Number, expiry month and CVV code
      After entering all the required information and clicking ‘Proceed’, VPS confirmation details will be automatically sent via email. All provided information will be used solely to facilitate recurring payments and will be protected by existing data protection and security protocols.
  • What is a VPS and why would I benefit from one?

    A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual hosting facility that mimics a dedicated server environment within a shared server. VPS systems allow users to run Expert Advisors (EAs) continually with low-latency trade execution. VPS systems also ensure a stable working environment for hosted EAs and allow traders to execute their automated trading strategies remotely.
Risk Warning: Trading in Forex/CFDs and Other Derivatives is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk. General Risk Disclosure